Sarasota’s Premier Cryotherapy Pricing and Packages

Non-Membership Cryotherapy Pricing:

Introductory Session:  $25.00

Single Session:  $55.00

3-Pack: $125.00

5-Pack:  $200.00

7-Pack: $225.00

10-Pack: $275.00

*Unlimited Monthly: $325.00


*Terms and conditions for Monthly Unlimited Club ($325)


Guaranteed Price Protection
Limited to one Whole Body Cryotherapy session per day TOTAL

Additional Sessions per day $25.00 each

Doubling up for unused session are not allowed. 

Autopay Authorization

Autopay Authorization is in force with automatic renewal for subsequent months, unless canceled by emailing at least 7 DAYS in advance of the next billing date or terminating auto-renew online.

I agree to pay HYDR8 / CRYOXL monthly recurring fees via Client authorized automatic credit card or checking account ACH charges. Payment in monthly increments by any means other than Client’s credit card or ACH is not permitted.

(a) I agree to purchase the HYDR8 / CryoXL Membership as an automatic charge to my credit card, or automatic debit to my checking account each month.

(b) I hereby certify that I am the holder of the credit card, or an authorized signer on the bank checking account detailed below.

(c) I understand that cancelling my membership or a lapse in payment will suspend my membership immediately and will not guarantee my membership can be restored at previous pricing.

Your autopay schedule may be canceled by emailing at least seven days in advance of your next billing cycle (example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 14 and you want to cancel for the month of February, you must email by February 7) or cancel online.

Additional Visits

Additional visits can be purchased for $25 per session.

We are Sarasota’s Premier Cryotherapy Provider

By coming in for treatment consecutively for five days, you can experience the maximum healing benefit. You will see better results with a more consistent treatment schedule.

Additionally, you will experience health benefits.  These include decreased inflammation from toxin removal.  There are also improvements in mood as a result of serotonin increase. In addition, you will burn between 400-600 calories during warm up.  Finally you will increase your collagen production resulting in improvements with numerous skin conditions.

We are the lowest priced Cryotherapy center in Sarasota. Therefore, memberships and packages are for individuals and cannot be shared.  However, we offer a discount set for couples that would like to have a combined package.

If you have an active membership, additional sessions can be purchased for $25. Our Cryotherapy Sauna is superior to any other on the market, with temperatures reaching as cold as -135 Celsius (-200 ºF).

Ultimately, our Cryotherapy Sauna is made from aluminum and plexiglass, therefore you receive the best quality available on the market.  As a result, you get a better experience at the most affordable price in town.