Mobile Recovery unit

about our mobile Recovery unit

bringing advanced recovery to an event near you!

CryoXL was the first to bring a mobile cryotherapy unit to the Gulf Coast, and now we are taking it to events all over the state of Florida. From sporting events to corporate wellness days, our mobile unit has provide relief at them all. Our mobile unit is trusted by professional sport teams that travel into town.

about the mobile unit

In 2017 the Oakland Raiders contacted CryoXL, to provide whole body cryotherapy to their NFL players!  We were honored with the opportunity. Only problem was the team couldn’t make the trip to CryoXL. The solution was to take CryoXL to the Oakland Raiders, and that’s how we became the very first mobile cryotherapy unit on the Gulf Coast. 

Our 20ft Mobile unit is equipped with an full size Impact cryotherapy chamber, two dressing rooms, and more amenities. You will see it on the road through out the State of Florida at a variety of events.  In just two years we’ve been contracted by the NFL, MLB teams and many US Soccer players. We’ve been at marathons, regattas, corporate events, and conferences. 

For more information please call our headquarters 941-870-4366.

why do people love the mobile unit?

  • We bring cryotherapy to your convenient location
  • Great for sports teams, fitness groups, and events
  • We are the first mobile cryotherapy unit in the Gulf Coast

Compression boot therapy

By adding compression boots to the recovery process, you can speed up the lymphatic and vascular systems natural recovery process. By increasing blood circulation your body will get rid of accumulated waste in your muscles faster and more efficiently than your body normally can. This service is provided in both our home office and mobile unit. 

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